Waste Management is the practice of reducing, reusing and recycling waste materials generated from industries. Waste produced from industries may be of toxic, flammable, corrosive or reactive. If this waste not managed properly it can pass dangerous health and environmental consequences & disasters. In order to manage waste, Safe@Work (S@W) EHS Management System introduced an effective waste management system to reduce adverse impacts on environment and human health




Waste Generation

Waste production is a result of two main factors which are rapid population growth and industrialization. Industrial sectors such as sugar, pulp & paper, fruit & food processing, distilleries, dairies, petrochemicals, chemical, pharmaceuticals will generate huge quantity of waste. Industrial waste which may be of solid, liquid or gaseous. Safe@Work (S@W) WMS monitors and tracks all off-site and on-site movement of hazardous waste and liquid industrial waste

Legal Requirements

Industrial waste substances or objects which are disposed of or intended to be disposed are required to be disposed by the provisions of law of land. Poor waste management results in environmental risks & disasters. Without proper pollution control measures and without adequate treatment industries generally dump on land or discharge waste into water bodies and thus it became a large source of environmental pollution and health hazard



Waste Collection

Waste collection is the collection of waste whether solid / liquid from point of production to the point of treatment or disposal. Hazardous materials require a special handling to reduce adverse effects on human health and environment. Safe@Work (S@W) WMS provides guidelines and an integrated uniform system across organization for proper collection of waste materials and categorizing them for recycling and disposal activities

Processing & Recovery

Collected waste materials are separated and processed depending on industrial waste management regulations and they are classified as bio-degradable and non-bio degradable materials.Safe@Work (S@W) WMS provides systematic approach for processing hazardous non-hazardous wastes by applying suitable mehthods like Physical, Chemical and Biological process by maintaining proper records for waste which is processed and recovered



Waste Storage

Waste storage is an essential component in waste management life cycle. A system of robust storage arrangements provides high confidence that packages will be unaffected by any variance in the availability of disposable routes. A bulk container used for the storage of industrial waste shall be leak proof, water tight, insect proof and rodent proof

Waste Transport

Hazardous wastes are likely to cause danger to human health and environment. Safe transportation of them is so important and selecting right and most appropriate means of transportation which is approved legally is essential one. Various container systems and vehicles are used for waste collection and transportation depending on the type of wastes involved



Waste Disposal

Disposing of waste in an environmentally – friendly manner is a crucial part of industrial waste management this can be done by following land fill compliance and local municipal regulations. Our Safe@Work (S@W) WMS is committed to ensure a clean and safe environment for all by helping and assessing your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solutions for your industrial waste management

Trend Analysis

Safe@Work (S@W) Waste dashboards gives visibility in to task list, KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions. Enables management to identify key aspects that need attention and improvement

Flexible to rapid customizations

Our solution built on drivers of flexibility and scalability brings in agility to solution and fulfils any customization requirements in short span of time


Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Our solution offers a very simple and easy to use UI that requires minimal User training and increasing usability of application

Easy and quick Configurations

Easy configurations in setting up roles, access privileges, KPIs, dashboard views, Master data, Notifications etc