Our Safe@Work (S@W) EHS Training management system enables to streamline the activities involved at work area related to training either it may be new work assignment / Job duty change / Involvement of new hazard and If employee job performance deficiencies.
Our tool manages to maintain all the training records and make it available if any sudden inspection by their employees and any other authorised representatives.Our tool manages training plan calender for whole of the trainings, automated reminders, and notifications. It supports both compliance and non-compliance trainings and inbuilt document management. It manages and evaluate progress on employee training courses and certifications for safer work practises with high end productivity. It helps in prevention of redundency / duplication of trainings




Training Schedule

Our Safe@Work (S@W) EHS sytem will schedule the training targets associated with the organization will enable and freeze the trainings automatically. Our scheduler tool proactively reminds the responsible person of respective date with email notifications as to who will provide training and facilitate all resources for employees can be traced out easily in a transparent way

Training Execution

It will provide the details of training type and mode with training & size which can be recorded in the system by the help of attachments like media [ pictures / videos ] for audit purposes. Online participation certificate can be generated and stored in data base for organization records of an employee



Costing Details

Cost Management can help organizations complete and thrive in todays global economy this involves a proactive approach in striving for lower costs. It includes training based costing and identifying those costs that we want to allocate and more precisely granting for those items that actually essential and giving the detailed cost accounting of the resources provided for training the employees

Learning Outcomes

Our system enables the employee to work effectively on the well established technologies or new processes. It provides the awareness among employees regarding the Health safety and environment. It indirectly improves employee productivity and profitability of an organization. Training will motivate the employee and always stay active if any unsafe conditions are viewed


Trend Analysis

Safe@Work (S@W) Training dashboards gives visibility in to task list, KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions. Enables management to identify key aspects that need attention and improvement

Flexible to rapid customizations

Our solution built on drivers of flexibility and scalability brings in agility to solution and fulfils any customization requirements in short span of time


Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Our solution offers a very simple and easy to use UI that requires minimal User training and increasing usability of application

Easy and quick Configurations

Easy configurations in setting up roles, access privileges, KPIs, dashboard views, Master data, Notifications etc