Safe@Work (S@W) EHS manages to track the inventory data of direct & indirect GHG emissions relevant to activities with in the organization. Standardize methodologies for calculating. Carbon footprint data on real time basis with an ease. It helps you to make active global presence in the market.





Safe@Work (S@W) EHS management tool enables the functionality of tracking and maintaining records of facilities like STP, ETP, EHS, storm water and rain water information. Our tool effectively coordinate and communicate workflow internally with in the team. Able to integrate with third party services providing information in transparent way. Visual management dashboards for data analysis makes easy to capture th facility performance based on location wise with an ease

Consumption in Facilities

Our system will track the type of material, equipment, assets, resources and the amount of energy consumed can be able to quantify the details in qualitative manner




Safe@Work (S@W) EHS manages to track and categorise the inventory data of direct and indirect GHG emissions relevant to activities with in the organization. Our system is able to calculate using standardise methodologies for Type 1,2 & 3 emissions like Sox, Nox, Co, Co2, Pm2.5 & Pm10

Carbon Accounting

Our system will enable to collect, track, analyse and calculate the amount of CO2 generated per unit of production makes easy to measure the operational cost and manage the amount of emissions that can be able to set targets to mitigate the emissions and maintaining the complete data analytics of carbon credit and debit in detail with an ease




Safe@Work (S@W) EHS Management system will track the list of emissions associated with work place activities in an organization and will provide proper remedial corrective and preventive actions will be taken to control the emissions of an existing non conformity, defect or other undesirable situation in order to prevent recurrence of green house gas emissions more than its limitation

Costing Details

Cost management can help organizations complete and thrive in todays global economy. This involves a proactive approach for striving lower cost. It includes activity based costing and different operations using varied resources like machinery, material and amount of energy consumed. Identifying those costs that we want to allocate and more precisely granting for them and giving the detailed cost accounting spent for entire operation process


Trend Analysis

Safe@Work (S@W) Carbon Accounting dashboards gives visibility in to task list, KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions. Enables management to identify key aspects that need attention and improvement

Flexible to rapid customizations

Our solution built on drivers of flexibility and scalability brings in agility to solution and fulfils any customization requirements in short span of time


Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Our solution offers a very simple and easy to use UI that requires minimal User training and increasing usability of application

Easy and quick Configurations

Easy configurations in setting up roles, access privileges, KPIs, dashboard views, Master data, Notifications etc