Our Safe@Work (S@W) Permit management system helps to identify detection of hazardous conditions, eliminate or control hazards and equipment for safe entry. Our tool manages to maintain all permits and make it available if any sudden inspection by their employees and any other authorised representatives for audit purpose or In-case of incident/ accident investigation witness.
Our tool has great automated integration facility of MSDS and other relevant documents that if any chemicals are used at work area during the entry of permits it will be recorded and documented properly. Clearence certificates from third party can be able to integrate for an approval of work permit. Our tool clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in the permit to work processes





Our Safe@Work (S@W) EHS system will list out the activities performed in an organization as per location and department wise in brief. It is involved with multiple activities with different process helps you to categorize and streamline the activity based upon the type of permit generated and issued in the organization

Permit to Work

It will help you to identify the responsible person to request, review, authorize the permit for an activity electronically.It provides the functionality of continous email reminder notiications to coordinate and communicate with in the organization with out any redundancy and deviation of work flows as per mentioned time bound for approvals



Costing Details

Cost Management can help organizations complete and thrive in todays global economy. This involves a proactive approach in striving for lower costs. It includes activity based costing and different operations like corrective measures are hazardous based, identifying those costs that we want to allocate and more precisely granting for those items that actually essential and giving the detailed cost accounting of the permit based measures that has been taken

Learning Outcomes

If any permit is cancelled / extended due to deviation in the work flow because of high risk activities with unsafe practices may lead to recordable incident that should be evaluated by providing appropriate CA / PA and create awareness at work location to avoid reoccurence and control of similar situations


Trend Analysis

Safe@Work (S@W) Permit dashboards gives visibility in to task list, KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions. Enables management to identify key aspects that need attention and improvement

Flexible to rapid customizations

Our solution built on drivers of flexibility and scalability brings in agility to solution and fulfils any customization requirements in short span of time


Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Our solution offers a very simple and easy to use UI that requires minimal User training and increasing usability of application

Easy and quick Configurations

Easy configurations in setting up roles, access privileges, KPIs, dashboard views, Master data, Notifications etc