All accidents or incidents and near misses need to reported and investigated in any organisation. It is imperative to analyse and draw action plan to avoid recurrence of incidents. In absence of effective Incident management, business operations, services and functions can be massively disrupted. Incident Management solutionenables in recording, analysis of reported incident, investigating and un-earth the trends in causes, identifying recommendations to prevent recurrence of similar incidents in future. Ourflexible and integrated web based EHS solution built on scalable and secure features with mobility reaps benefits that organisations are looking at, to meet legal and compliance requirements, prevent recurrence of incidents, identify risks with near misses, reduce operational costs and strive for continuous improvement




Health care Services schedule

Our Safe@Work (S@W) EHS System will schedule employee for medical consultation with automated notifications and manage work place trends of health issues, diseases, illness or injury at work place for safer work environment of an employees well-being reducing their absence. Our tool enables the consultation easy with the availability of physicians and their appointment durations through system based appointment & confirmation


Our tool enables the functionality of alerting employees to undergo vaccination with certain stages of dose on the respective time and date as per standard protocal from the legal authorities with out miss. Our system will maintain track record of employee vaccination data history for any referral purpose



Health Examination

Every new / existing employee has to undergo physical and laboratory examination as per surveillance protocol, our system will alert the employee for health check up on periodic basis depending upon the area of work and level of exposure. Based upon the examination result appropriate CAPA measures are suggested to employee for staying away from health hazards associated with industry hygenic conditions


Our system will enable the process of identifying or determining the nature and cause of a disease or injury through evaluation of patient history,examination,and review of laboratory data



Health Consultation

Based on employee health history and consultation provided by the occupation health physician, system will automatically trigger the reminder to responsible person regarding the employee health status and possibility of attachments like job transfer / restriction / Fitness Certificate advised by the physician


Safe@Work (S@W) EHS management system will detect health hazards associated with workplace activities in an organization and proper remedial corrective and preventive actions will be taken to eliminate the risks of an existing non conformity, defect or other undesirable situation in order to prevent recurrence and occurence of health hazards and injuries for similar situations



Costing Details

Cost management can help organizations complete and thrive in todays global economy this involves a proactive approach in striving for lower costs. It includes treatment based cost and different operations like corrective measures. Identifying those costs that we want to allocate and more precisely granting for those items that are actually essential and giving the detailed cost accounting record that is spent for entire treatment, medication and vaccination

Trend Analysis

Safe@Work (S@W) Occupational Health Care dashboards gives visibility in to task list, KPIs and metrics to make informed decisions. Enables management to identify key aspects that need attention and improvement

Flexible to rapid customizations

Our solution built on drivers of flexibility and scalability brings in agility to solution and fulfils any customization requirements in short span of time


Intuitive and User Friendly User Interface

Our solution offers a very simple and easy to use UI that requires minimal User training and increasing usability of application

Easy and quick Configurations

Easy configurations in setting up roles, access privileges, KPIs, dashboard views, Master data, Notifications etc